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Al-Turath Heritage


Al-Turath Heritage




Assembly consisting of a building promoting administrative-commercial and cultural-foundation building use.

Facade system

The administrative building combines traditional and modern techniques of construction. In its facades a combination of traditional mud construction and contemporary glazed  panes with external shading elements elements are conceived.

The work done by ENAR in this building was the project development of glass elements, exterior shading and skylight with mobile shading. ENAR made two physical modules as shading elements for submission to the property.

The chosen glazings have a high reflectivity in the administrative area, and are mounted on metalwork.

In the commercial area a low profile sliding fronts for opening at night have been developed at the gates of traditional construction.

System of external shading for facades East and West, consists of horizontal slats in aluminum frame pre-assembled at workshop and installed on site on preframes sections of  steel curved work.

Plane/ Construction
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