Castellana 62
Castellana 62



APD Arquitectura


APD Arquitectura






Office building, consisting of four volumes, three located in the facade to the Paseo de la Castellana, and a fourth office volume in the back. The three main volumes are apartment buildings with commercial premises on the ground floor. The central and higher tablet has a stone cladding with striped windows, while the other two volumes are lined with a glass enclosure in both transparent and blind surfaces.

Facade system

Main volume

Cavity wall with stone panels over a lightweight drywall that includes a waterproof and breathable film.  Striped window frames, even a high-end sliding window. Horizontal adjustable and stackable shading louvers at the exterior, hidden in the chamber of the ventilated façade.

Secondary volumes

The enclosure is made with the same lightweight drywall construction system of the main volume, but facing it with a curtain wall with glass glued with structural silicone. Motorized windows open outwards and they include an interior railing made of laminated glass. Blind shading at the inside.

Office building

The office building façade is the same as façade system that the one in the secondary volumes, but including floor-to-floor high guillotine window frames.

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