Aquatics Centre
Aquatics Centre



Juan José Medina


Juan José Medina


Madrid Espacios y Congresos




This is a building for water sports of the Olympics taking place in Madrid. The building consists of three volumes. The first tablet hosts the competition and waterfalls pools and is covered with a retractable roof at the top. The second volume hosts the water polo and warm-up pools, and between the two main spaces, and connecting them, the building is completed with a third tablet hosting changing rooms and administration area.The three volumes are covered in glass; although in the main building the stands are made of concrete.

Facade system

Main volume

On the main building there is a double glass skin, the outer one performed using an unitized system of aluminum, and the enclosure at the inside solved with vertical silicone joints and horizontal transoms stabilized by stainless steel wires. (Works in progress)

Central volume

Traditional stick “T” shaped curtain wall facade of aluminum with RPT, passing in front of the slabs and fixed on these. On the roof the curtain wall is topped with a glass cover in square to the facade.

Water polo volume

The enclosure is 12 meters high of solved with a double skin. The outer one is performed with perforated aluminum louvers held together with lacquered steel profiles. The inner envelope is solved as in the main volume with a curtain wall composed of horizontal transoms looking outwards, and stabilized on the outer skin by stainless steel wires. In the wall cavity between the two skins there are walkways to allow the maintenance of the facade. The façade finish inside the building is completely smooth, without bumps.

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