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Tuñón + Mansilla Arquitectos


Madrid Espacios y Congresos




A free standing building to house the new conference center for the city of Madrid, with exhibition halls, conference rooms and auditoriums. The building is compound of a low basement and an upper oval shaped volume running 120 m high and 30 meters deep. The geometry combines a sphere, a cylinder and two torus, intersecting between them.

The entire building enveloped is covered by shading elements in the form of hexagons that change in size to adjust to the geometry of the volume.

Facade system

Type facade

The inner facade is 12 meters high, solved by a traditional stick curtain wall system made of steel with a continuous rubber sealing system, overlapped and glued with EPDM. The curtain wall is arranged inverted, with the profiles outwards.  At the inside there are cover caps only in the vertical joints leaving the horizontal joints sealed.

External shading elements

The building is wrapped in a skin of anodized aluminum 12 mm thick hexagonal plates, with polished finish, having dimensions from 1 m to 4.60 m in length. The hexagonal pieces are fastened at four points to the nodes of a triangular structure of aluminum plates fixed over the slabs. A LED lighting system is included in this metallic double skin.

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