ENAR offers advice in the selection of materials and construction systems based on aesthetic, functional, future maintenance, sustainability and energy aspects, durability or regulatory requirements. Also, we give advice in the glass selection according to each project, taking into account its impact on the building aesthetics and its energy performance.

ENAR is also involved in other aspects such as the selection of the best maintenance and cleaning strategy for the facade.

Other consulting services includes the study of pathologies in buildings, quality control project implementation, specific reports, thermal and acoustic enclosures consultancy, advice on quality labels or comparative technical bid among others.

During the design stage, concept and developed design, ENAR carries out numerous consulting services aimed at architects, contractors or owners:

  • Selection of materials
  • Selection of facade systems
  • Maintenance and cleaning strategy
  • Study of feasibility of proposed solutions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cost control

ENAR usually carries out numerous services during the construction phase, facilitating the process and guaranteeing a complete independence:

  • Quality control of a developed design documentation
  • Advice on quality labels
  • Basis for wind tunnel tests
  • Documentation for tendering
  • Comparative of tender offers
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