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building Alvento



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Ortiz.León Arquitectos





These two buildings, being the first example with LEED SILVER standards in Spain, are located alongside M-40 freeway belt, and are composed of longitudinal window external facades and horizontal shading lattice screens.

Cross side facades are treated as special units, being the access to the building through these.

There are glass courtyards on the inside of the building to obtain better natural lighting in the office decks.

Facade system

Longitudinal type facade

Horizontal brickwork up stand with aluminum composite and high density laminated wooden panel ventilated cladding forming cavity wall at the spandrel area.

At the eye-level viewing strip an aluminum curtain wall fixed between upstands is present, with a marquee attached to the mullions. Pressure plates and cover caps run horizontally with vertical butt joints.

Marquees are made of translucent glass fixed through button brackets and prodema panels. The outer glass pane has a higher light transmission to light the central area of the offices.

Cross side façade

Glass fixed through button brackets are distributed in an overlapping fish-scale manner between slabs. On the inside, bay window balconies of composite stand out over the prefabricated concrete façade with steel structure on the inside.



The entrance is performed through a detached glass box with butt-joints and stabilized through a steel tube structure.

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