The innovative design is often outside the existing regulatory framework. In ENAR we believe that innovation should always preserve both the quality of systems and the safety of users.

Therefore ENAR has experience in developing specific studies focused on obtaining official validations of special elements.

In these studies, ENAR analyses a particular construction system and proposes a specific validation protocol. In this protocol the tests required for obtaining official certificates or specific system element are defined. This certification enables the use of this system in architectural projects with all the guarantees offered by standardized systems.

ENAR has extensive knowledge of regulations, both national and international:

  • Spanish codes (UNE, NTE, …)
  • European codes (UN, EN, BS, FR, DIN…)
  • American codes (ASTM, ASCE, …)
  • International codes (ISO, …)

Some of the systems that have been studied by ENAR for obtaining  an official certification are as follows:

  • Double skin pivoting glass louver (Principe de Vergara, Madrid)
  • Pivoting doors (BBVA Madrid)
  • Shading louvers (Torre Triana, Sevilla)