Paseo de Gracia
Paseo de Gracia



GCA Arquitects Associats


GCA Arquitects Associats


GCA Arquitects Associats




Restoration of facade, roof and court, as well as connexions to first level and basement; all of which was included in a complete refurnishing of this privately owned building between shared walls in a consolidated urban surrounding

Facade system

Double skin facade

Internal curtain wall of stainless steel plates, passing in front of slab edges, with high performance layer double glazing and external shading screen.

External laminated glass skin with serigraphy for solar control on shelf brackets. There are internal metal walkways between shelf brackets. A stainless steel enclosure hides the edges of slabs


The outer skin has openings to allow cleaning and access for firefighters, also, it has perpendicular glass sheet brackets composing closed boxes for added sun protection.

Roof system.

Gable roof, built with smooth stainless steel panel with tilted laminated glass louvers, on interface with vertical façade below, over top floors’ balconies. It has an inner core of rock wool and tongue and groove joints.

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