FCC headquarters
FCC headquarters



Juan Ligués


Juan Ligués






Administrative use building in an “H” shape combining glass strips and strips of metallic appearance, with a variety of changes of plane in both level.

The glass used is a highly reflective solar control glass and the blind panels have an anodized aluminum finish.

Facade system

The type facade of view is developed with an aluminum unitized system, the glass panes are glued with structural silicone at vertical sides and there are external pressure tappets on the horizontal joints, and blind glass panes cover the spandrel area. The façade combines various types of units with various sizes between the viewing and the spandrel area.

The firefighting protection system includes dry type single boards and is installed separately from the facade modules.

The blind facades are solved with a ventilated facade lightweight type system composed of composite panels in horizontal stripes and in open joint on brickwork, properly insulated. At the eye-level viewing strip an aluminum stick curtain wall is present with the same structural glass panels as in the ground floors. A vertical grid system of aluminum tubes is used to conceal the windows at the stairs cores.

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