Nozar Tower
Nozar Tower



Galán Lubascher Arquitectos


Galán Lubascher Arquitectos






Two identical buildings, each one comprising a base body and a 55 meters high square tower rising in the corner of the basement, compound the building complex. Different types of façade depending on the orientation, considering sustainability and energy criteria. The most exposed facades have a double-skin of perforated aluminum sheet, while the less exposed ones are complemented by a peak for shading performed with the same type of metal to provide harmony to the complex.

Facade System

Tower facade

The facade of the tower is solved by a unitized system of special extrusion aluminium profiles with thermal bridge break. The outer skin is also made of extruded aluminium modules directly attached to the inner skin to avoid the use of scaffolds and auxiliary facilities on the outside.

The basement facade

The basement facade is a ceramic ventilated façade fixed on an aluminium sub frame anchored to the slabs of the main structure of the building. Framework is solved in horizontal stripes of windows arranged between canopies of stainless steel composite panels with an interior structure of galvanized steel brackets.

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