CLH headquarters
CLH headquarters



Galán Lubascher Arquitectos


Galán Lubascher Arquitectos




Folcrá + Estrumaher


Located by M-30 freeway, the building is formed by two volumes, a blind one that withholds the service core and vertical communications and a more permeable, transparent volume that holds the offices.

On the office building façade facing M-30 there is a double skin to get better sound insulation against noise from traffic while on the north facade there is only a maintenance walkway to allow for cleaning and maintenance of the façade.

On the east and south facades there are exterior screens that serve as protections against the sun. On the west façade there is a special solar protection double skin that is comprised of perforated metal panels

Facade system

Interior facade

Traditional curtain wall passing in front of the slabs comprised of stainless steel plates with exterior head and aluminum transoms and with minimum dimensions highlighting the slimness of the façade

Exterior façade

Powder coated steel “L” shaped shelves fixed to slab edges onto which external glass is supported and stabilized in its central point.

Blind facades

Ceramic cavity wall over anodized aluminum rails.


Structural glass façade supported from floor to ceiling and horizontally stabilized occasionally to glass shelves anchored to slab edges. The joint between the enclosure and glass shelves is by means of stainless steel punctual elements allowing differential movements between both elements.

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