Cajamar headquarters
Cajamar headquarters



Arapiles Arquitectos


Arapiles Arquitectos






New office building, consisting of two volumes connected by an interior courtyard. Each volume has a different type of facade that are combined to created transition spaces with a special character.

Sistema Constructivo

GRC Facade

/ Facade composed of opaque ventilated panels of GRC with galvanized steel structure on a light self-supporting sheet attached to the edges of the slab. Between the vertical elements of GRC a hidden winsdow will be arranged with thermal break and interior opening to allow the cleaning  of glasses.

Curtain wall

Anodized aluminum curtain wall with an outer shading skin made with ceramic-coated high density metal panel structure. These facades have continuity at the top through the skylight that closes the courtyard, which also has external shading louvers.

Stone facade

On the back a ventilated facade of Dekton, synthetic stone, attached to a light selfsupporting enclosure, with ragged windows made with an embouchure at the perimeter of anodized aluminium plate.

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