ENAR’s success is based on top-level technical knowledge related to architectural envelopes and its accumulated experience during more than 15 years in the field of construction.

Throughout this time, ENAR has been involved in envelope projects of different kind, acquiring a solid and varied experience: in projects of various scales; using a wide variety of building systems and materials, both traditional and the most innovative and technologically advanced…

ENAR consider essential for its work and methodology to be updated constantly. Therefore, its internal production system is adapted to changing times, integrating the systems and software tools that the market provides such as new methods of design, structural calculation and energy analysis: BIM (Building Information Modeling), FEM (Finite Element Method), …

ENAR’s work focuses primarily on the development of comprehensive facade projects in collaboration with the design team, usually architects or engineers.

In addition, ENAR is able to perform specific consultancy and advice on any type of project, both erected buildings and during design phase.

Regularly, ENAR provides technical assistance on site in reviewing the construction works of the envelopes. The clients targeted by this type of services are architects, contractors or owners.

ENAR’s work is supported by clients with whom he has worked and the loyalty shown by them over the years of professional and independent work.