ENAR team is composed mainly of architects with specific training in façade technology. This enables the close dialogue with the design team, promoting understanding between the parties.

Jesús M. Cerezo Miguel

Ph. D. Architect / Principal Architect. Founder

Miguel Ángel Núñez Díaz 

Ph. D. Architect / Director of the Technical Department

A. Mateo Marcos 

Consultant Architect / Director of Quality Management

Marta García González

Head of Administration

Begoña de Vergara Martínez

Administration Assistant

Ana Gallego Fernández

BIM Manager / Project Manager

Alejandro González Muñoz

Ph. D. Industrial Engineer / Technical Department

Jacobo Peláez-Campomanes Guibert

Consultant Architect / Project Manager

Ainara Calvo Peñagaricano

Consultant Architect / Project Manager

Ricardo Arauz Sandino

Consultant Architect / Project Manager

Iván Díaz Vilches

Consultant Architect / Project Manager

Félix Villalba Morales

Consultant Architect

Santiago Estepa Muñoz

Consultant Architect of facades

Miguel Churruca Echeverría

Consultant Architect

Adder Bustamante Arzapalo

Consultant Architect

Esther Espejo Bejarano

BIM modeler

Mario Hormigos Martínez

Consultor Architect of facades

Blanca Sierra Morales

Consultant Architect