Facade projects

ENAR is responsible for the overall development of envelopes, taking into account all criteria both aesthetic and constructive, functional, maintenance, lighting, energy, cost control, etc. always ensuring the best result and respecting the architectural concept.

The development of each project is done in coordination with the design team and other consultants, including: graphic documentation, descriptive and constructive reports; structural calculation notes, specifications; bill of quantities and project budget…

Throughout the project ENAR gives advice on the selection of materials and glass the selection of the most suitable facade system for each case, depending on the aesthetic requirements of sustainability or energy, durability and maintenance, or regulatory requirements.

ENAR is responsible for the complete development of the chosen constructive solution, including plans for coordination and detail drawings, structural calculations, and fire behavior, thermal or acoustic, in addition to the specifications of the materials, thicknesses, fixings, etc. ENAR also works performing an energy and natural lighting study of the facade to evaluate the need to include elements of shading, high-performance glass, active skins, etc.

ENAR develop constructive solutions as varied as curtain walls, facades panel, modular walls, solid modules, hollow frame, prefabricated concrete systems or GRC, composite panels, structural glass facades, ventilated facades, double skins, skylights … solutions can include market products or can be developed as an “ad hoc” design for each project.

ENAR collaborates with architectural firms or multidisciplinary teams in architectural competitions or concept design stages for all kinds of projects. ENAR performs the following services in competition phase or preliminary design stages:

  • Drafting of graphic documentation for competitions
  • Consulting on facade systems
  • Consulting in material selection
  • Advice on maintenance systems
  • Solar shading analysis and energy
  • Evaluation of costs and construction times

In addition to the services specific to the design stage consulting, ENAR performs the following services:

  • Development of complete constructive solutions
  • Integration of energy systems
  • Development of BIM projects
  • Structural analysis
  • Facade thermal study
  • Study of natural lighting
  • Drafting specifications
  • Maintenance Systems
  • Bill of Quantities and budget
  • Regulatory compliance and justification
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