Caixa Forum Madrid
Caixa Forum Madrid



Herzog & DeMeuron + Mateu i Bausells


Herzog & DeMeuron + Mateu i Bausells


Fundació La Caixa




Integral refurbishment of an old thermal energy plant to become a cultural space in Madrid, keeping the appearance of the old building.

The intervention in the interior is of major importance, adding two more levels to the building and boring through the ground floor to convert it to a public square.

Facade system

Top volume

Ventilated enclosure of cast iron plates over a watertight skin made out of stainless steel bars powder coated in color black. Solid parts and perforated parts are alternated.

Where light must travel inside the building, perforated panels are employed and aluminum thermally broken frames are used, with double glazing supported with structural silicone so that the view from the inside shows a continuous glass surface.

Openings on the facade

Openings performed on the concrete wall (wooden formwork) are holding a metallic pre-frame. A glass pane is attached to it by structural silicone, hiding such frame. On the exterior side, a steel sheet encloses the opening.


Laminated glass with reflecting layer, inserted on continuous elements and with vertical butt-joints.

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