Caja Badajoz headquarters
Caja Badajoz headquarters



Estudio Lamela + HOK


Estudio Lamela + HOK


Caja Badajoz


Estrumaher + Loma


The building is composed of a 82 meters high tower, and a wide basement. The main volume of the tower is covered with a double skin of aluminum strips, while the lower volume is a forceful building, which also has an exterior lattice of fins.

Facade system

Tower façade

/ It is an aluminum “T” shaped curtain wall which supports the maintenance walkways and the outer skin of slats. These aluminum strips are asymmetric and they are placed in different positions causing a vibration. They are made of special aluminum extrusion in one piece.

Podium facade

In the lower volume mixes the high-rise reinforced curtain wall facades, with the blind facades of precast concrete. Vertical fins, composed of several pieces of extruded aluminum due to their large size, are arranged as a double skin.

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