Banco Popular Data Center
Banco Popular Data Center



Arquitectos Ayala


Arquitectos Ayala


Banco Popular




This free standing building comprises five main volumes, joined by means of the ground floor and the sixth floor. At the inside the volumes are linked by a space of services called “bone”.

The building has a wealth of spaces because of the courtyards and double height spaces at the inside, which are hidden by an outer lattice that wraps around the building like a double skin at the outside.

Facade system

Type facade

The inner enclosure is made by an aluminum unitized system fixed on the main structure of the building. Support brackets protrude from this inner facade to serve as walkways for maintenance, and to hold the outer skin, which is a modular aluminum system that contains a horizontal lattice in white glazed ceramics.

“Spine” facade

/ The façade is composed of horizontal solid steel transoms placed on the outside, suspended by stainless steel straps. The glass panes are located between the horizontal profiles, without vertical supports.

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