Arroyo del Santo
Arroyo del Santo



Estudio Lamela


Juan José Medina


Proyectos Leitner




Office building with large open floor plans and two communication cores located on the back areas. The building is rich in spaces given that there are a series of courts and inside double-height ceilings that are concealed by a double skin with an exterior lattice that covers the entire building.

Facade system


Traditional style curtain wall with thermally broken “T” shaped frames that require interior reinforcing at high-ceiling areas. Tilting windows are included in the mullion grid, with non-visible frames from the exterior side.

Exterior lattice

Cantilevered brackets are positioned over the framework. These brackets support a maintenance walkway and stabilize the exterior lattice. This parasol is built with linear horizontal aluminum elements that are clipped on vertical battens hanging from the roof. The density of these parasol tubes is different depending on the internal needs.

Access area

Access is performed through glass boxes made with extra-clear glass that have floor to ceiling height and are stabilized through glass ribs. The entrance is through pivoting large dimensional glass doors.

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