Portico building
Portico building



Rafael de la Hoz + SOM








Six storey high “H” shaped building with a height of 3.85 meters between floor levels, with structure pillars modulated in multiples of 1.35 m, with floor to ceiling glasses with inside front impact safety features and including sectorization system against fire at the spandrel areas.

Facade system

The building has an exterior metallic mesh tensioned by an independent structure and stabilized to the main structure of the building; it crosses the façade of the buildings so it required coordination between both items and the facade developer. The facade anchorages should have the necessary strength and morphology to cross the unitized system units without any detriment to its structural and tightness features. The façade system is a unitized system curtain wall of glass and thermo acoustic panel containing the fire protection component at the spandrel area and lined with aluminium sheet covering 3 units at once. At the inside the fire protection panel is overlapped to lend continuity to the system. The management floor is recessed with respect to the main facade, and is solved with a similar system type but lining the mullions against structural pillars.

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