Reina Sofia National Museum
Reina Sofia National Museum



Ian Ritchie








The museum has three vertical communication towers made of glass, which are the identity picture of the museum itself. They require a maintenance and set-up that was the first action of restoration. Also, with the expansion of the museum it was necessary an intervention in the service tower to provide to the entire building greater functionality.

It was necessary to expand the lift pathway and so the height of the tower itself in its communication with the old building, breaking the zinc roof of it and creating a new space.

Facade system

Glass towers

It is a Pilkinton Planar System with a structure of stainless steel wires located outside the building to support the weight of the glass panes and transfer it to the roof. The horizontal strength of the wind is picked up by the metallic structure of the building. The glass panes are tempered, extra clear and 12 mm thick.

Service tower extension

The extension is divided into two parts, the outer part made of stainless steel and glass according to the construction system of the rest of the tower, and an inner enclosure made of clamped zinc sheets, as similar as possible to the roof of the existent building.

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