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Jet Alu


It is the Africa’s largest Theatre and it’s located in the popular Place Mohammed V in Casablanca. It is a big complex, composed of multiples twinned volumes. Their global image is a white organic and solid mass. Three types of facades are used in the whole building: an external wall insulation system; glass facade composed by several curtain walls and openings; ventilated facade with an external lattice composed by pieces made in resin. All the facades fulfil the important acoustic requirements that a theatre needs.

Facade System

Ventilated facade

A steel structure is fixed to the concrete wall of the principal volumes of the theatre. Every 50cm a steel bar is placed and tense vertically. A special piece made in aluminium extrusion will be hold every 15 cm on the steel bars to support the external enclosure. Finally, the lattice that conform the enclosure is composed by more than 40,000 pieces in resin of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate.

Curtain walls

Several curtain walls are used. The biggest one is placed in the Medina and allows the public acces to the theatre. The façade is composed of horizontal solid steel transoms placed on the inside, suspended by stainless steel bars. The glass panes are located between the horizontal profiles, without vertical supports.

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