Rehabilitation Conde Duque
Rehabilitation Conde Duque



Riaño & Arquitectos


Riaño & Arquitectos


Ayuntamiento de Madrid




This is a complete restoration of an old and emblematic building on the protection of historical heritage. Restoration involves a complete makeover inside, while performing a restoration of facades and a change of all the frameworks of the building. Glass boxes are built for the access in the courtyard, made with structural glass.

Facade system


Window frameworks are made of wood inwards and of stainless steel plates outwards, with a glass fastened with structural silicone. There is also a perimeter jamb made of folded steel sheet.

Access glass boxes

The glass boxes of access are made of laminated glass with metal inserts for the joints between the different glasses. The glass boxes are fastened on glass ribs lifting the enclosure to allow ventilation and water runoff.
The laminated glass is supplied with inserts of titanium strips to allow the machining of the glasses and therefore its mechanical fixing.

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