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Juan Ligués


Juan Ligués


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The building is located next to M-30 freeway, with an oval-shaped floor plan that benefits the acoustic control over strong traffic noise.

Given the absence of exterior shading elements, the façade is built with a high performance solar control layer laminated glass which is highly reflective.


Glass elements on the building are combined with strips of stainless steel that interface against large panels of the same material.

Standard facade

Butt-joint glass with a high acoustic insulation level, formed by thick laminated glass panes inserted in an aluminum curtain wall framework only present at the spandrel level, with high acoustic isolation values.

Main entrance

The reception hall has the same type of pattern as the Standard façade, but the mullions of the spandrel areas are substituted by steel angle shaped plates over a metallic structure.

Secondary hall

Suspended glass façade, frameless, it is supported by occasional staple fixings between glass panes. In the interior there is a structure of stainless steel tubes.

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