Landmark tower
Landmark tower



Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects


Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects






This is a 329 m high tower of apartments, with an enclosure divided into three main areas, the base, shaft and crown.

The basement has a large glass canopy. The trunk area has two different façade types; the two longitudinal sides have outdoor terraces while the short sides are flat facades passing in front of the slabs. The upper zone is an outer-outer facade on a metallic structure made to hide the plant facilities.

Facade system

Typical facade

The facade is performed by using a unitized façade system, both in their long as short facades. The balcony facades are compound of a unitized system fixed to rails on the top and bottom between slabs. They have a protective balcony railing, made of glass with aluminum frame, forming units for its easier installation. The other facades are solved with unitized system but passing in front of the slabs.

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